Shiatsu Self MassageShiatsu Self Massage

Shiatsu in Japanese mean finger (shi), atsu (pressure) is based on the 12 meridian paths of energy on the body. In many ways it is similar to Acupuncture however, only finger, palm and elbow pressure is used, not needles. Shiatsu can be effectively used for the relief of a large variety of aches and pains and stress-related ailments caused by the stresses and tensions of modern day. Shiatsu self massage is also an excellent way to life and to maintain general health, boost your immune system, energy, muscle tone and flexibility.

The specific points to which pressure is applied are determined using the therapist’s knowledge of anatomy and the body’s energetic meridians. The applied pressure has the effect of clearing blocked energy channels and guiding energy through the body. Blocked or stagnant energy often manifests as pain, malaise or other discomforting symptoms.

You’re Already Doing Shiatsu Self Massage

If you stop to think about it, many of you unconsciously use pressure on these points. When you experience pain, chances are you will typically squeeze, massage or apply pressure to a painful area of your body. This action stimulates your blood circulation and supports you natural healing metabolism in the affected area. Shiatsu, and shiatsu self massage, can be particularly effective in treating neck pain, allergies, chronic pain, exhaustion and all sorts of other problems you might have. When you apply these techniques to any part of your body, you increase the blood flow to that part of your body, thereby enhancing your circulation. Shiatsu self massage also helps to release muscular tension, relieve pain, fortify your sexual and reproductive systems, detoxify your body for greater health and beauty, tone your facial and back muscles and enhance your body’s life force energy to aid healing. It also feels really good. So if you’re experiencing pain or discomfort and you’re unable to see your Shiatsu therapist quickly enough, there are a number of simple self-massage Shiatsu techniques that you can use on yourself. You’ll be surprised at how much relief you can get by applying some simple pressure to specific areas of your body.

Shiatsu Self Massage – General Pointers

When using Shiatsu self-massage techniques breathe deeply while you try to locate the specific points you want to work on. When you find a point that is located in the area you want to treat and it feels good, stay there and apply gentle pressure. You might feel the point radiating outwards, into the muscles surrounding it. That’s a good sign. Press as firmly as you need to in order to feel a nice sensation. It’s generally recommended that you press for about 5 to 10 seconds feel free to stay longer if it feels good! Learning how to massage a few Shiatsu points on your own body is a wonderful technique to add to your self-care arsenal. You can practice Shiatsu points regularly, and then use them in stressful situations as part of your emotional first aid kit. The Following short articles describe how you can use Shiatsu self massage techniques to get relief for your Headaches and Migraines, Neck and Pack Pain, Keep your Knees and Hands flexible and maintain good digestion.

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