Shiatsu Self Massage for Stomach and Digestion

Hara Area of the boody for shiatsu self massage of the stomachEastern medical tradition believes that that the centre of the body’s strength is in the abdominal area, called the Hara. In Western anatomical terms, the Hara is the area between the rib cage and the pelvic bone, which contains important organs and where the digestive and reproductive functions take place. Since food is digested in this area and we receive our energy from food, if the Hara is not functioning well, the energy you have available to maintain your health and self heal will be reduced. Regular massage of this area will help to keep your intestines flexible, and will promote efficient movement of food through the body, boost your immune system and increase your energy.

How to Perform Shiatsu Self Massage for Your Stomach and Digestion

Lie on your back with your knees bent, so that your pelvis is tilted backwards and Shiatsu self massage for abdomen and digestionyour lower back is flat on the floor. Breathe deeply for a minute using the muscles of your lower abdomen.

Place both hands on the lower right abdominal area and press gently down with the tip of your fingers, as you breathe out. Gently breathe in and, move your hands up toward the ribs and press gently down again. Continue in this manner, clockwise, to your left side under the ribs, the down your left side toward the pelvic area, across to above the pubic bone, over to the right pelvic area, up to the right side to complete one circle..

Shiatsu self massage for stomach and digestionThis is the first outer circle massage, covering the large intestine and the lower areas of the stomach, spleen, pancreas and the liver.  In all there are 12 points of reference – 4 up the right – 2 below the ribs – 4 down the left side and 2 above the pubic bone.

A smaller circle now needs to be massaged, in a similar clockwise manner around the navel.  Begin on the upper left side, press down with the pads of your fingers and massage each area, 3 times in small circles, as you move around the navel. This second, smaller circle massage covers the small intestine.  There are 8 points of reference around the navel.

Repeat this exercise three times.

At the end of the third small circle massage around the navel, rub the whole area with both hands, three or four times, pulling the belly in to the centre from the left and right.

Now place the fingers of both your hands on a point two inches directly below the navel and press slowly and deeply as you breathe out.  Do not do this during menstruation.

Repeat this exercise three times.

These shiatsu self massage exercises should help relieve your stomach discomfort and digestive issues. If you’re looking for a long term solution, make an appointment for Shiatsu treatment with Carlos Praniauskas.

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