biomagnetic pair treatment in the GTA

What To Expect During A Biomagnetic Pair Treatment

When you have your Biomagnetic Pair treatment you will find that its one of the least invasive therapeutic procedures you have ever experienced. You will remain fully clothed and lie on the therapist’s treatment table. Its best to wear comfortable clothing and shoes, preferably made from natural fibers. Your feet will extend over the edge of the treatment table. As the therapist begins to scan your body it is advisable that you relax and think only about your condition. The therapist will diagnose your condition using a variation of muscle testing.This is often referred to as Bioenergetic diagnosis.

Its important to know that Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, differs from many other forms of holistic and alternative therapies, in that goes right to the source of the problem. The patient’s entire body, all organs, glands, bones and muscles are scanned for pH imbalances. When these are identified, your therapist will place magnets of either + or – polarity onto the unbalanced areas in order to re-establish a balanced and neutral pH.A session lasts from 90 to 120 minutes.

While many conditions improve after only one session, a complete course of treatment usually requires between 3 – 5 sessions. Some individuals may need more. Biomagnetic therapy produces no side effects and there are no known side effects or contraindications. It can be combined with other treatment, alopathic or alternative treatment.

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