Shiatsu Self Massage for Hand FlexibilityShiatsu Self Massage for Hand Flexibility

If you’re suffering from stiffness and pain in your hands, or your joints are not as flexible as you’d like, these simple Shiatsu exercises for your hands will make your hands feel so flexible, you’ll feel as if your joints have been oiled.


1. With the pads of your thumb and the index finger of the left hand, press the large base Shiatsu Self Massage Exercises for Hand Flexibilityknuckle of the thumb of your right hand. Then slide to the next knuckle and repeat, sliding to the tip of your thumb. Then gently pull on your thumb with a shaking movement. Repeat thus action 3 times and go on to the next finger and do the same.  Change hands and repeat.


Shiatsu Self Massage for Hand Flexibility2. Spread your left hand open as wide as you can and with the thumb and index finger of the right hand, gently pinch the web like loose skin once between each finger. Change hands and repeat.


3. Turn your left hand palm up and massage the hand using the pads of  the Shiatsu Self Massage Exercises for hand flexibility right thumb – hard and in small circles clockwise around the hand. Change hands and repeat.


If you find that the condition of your hands is not improving, get the help that you need by making an appointment to see Carlos Praniauskas at Shiatsu Toronto for a professional Shiatsu treatment

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