I started seeing Carlos in April 2018 to get help with my Multiple Sclerosis. All doctors wanted me to take were pills for my headaches and my neurologist wanted me on a different medication since I stopped taking my weekly needle of Avonex.

I was feeling extremely low and hopeless with my health so I thought if something natural could help me why not try it. So I tried something new with Carlos and started doing Biomagnetism sessions because the “medicines” I took in the past were not healing me, and I knew that.

After about 12-13 sessions (I believe) I could feel the difference. Although the first few sessions were difficult for me because I could feel that my body was detoxing, I was determined and stuck with it because I knew it was helping me. After seeing him for all the sessions I’ve had I’ve gotten so much healthier. I barely ever get any MS symptoms anymore. It was honestly a life changing experience for me and I do encourage anyone with any ailment to see Carlos for healing.

It’s benefitted my health drastically and I’m a much happier, healthier person now. Without Carlos, who knows what could have happened. All I know is that I took the time, money and energy to get help and I’m so happy he was the one to assist me in my healing journey. I’m more than grateful for him and I still see him every so often for Shiatsu therapy now to relieve any extra stress and to re-balance my energy.

Carlos is a natural born healer and an essential part of my career. Many Thanks Carlos!!

Daniela Campos

Toronto, Ontario

Without my regular Shiatsu treatments from Carlos I would not be able to perform. As a 35 year member of the Toronto Symphony Viola section I was having some very disabling physical symptoms and have tried numerous therapies to alleviate them. A colleague suggested I seek out Carlos Praniauskas at the Shiatsu Centre and I am eternally grateful.

Carlos is a natural born healer and an essential part of my career. Many Thanks Carlos!!

Kent Teeple

Toronto, Ontario

After my treatment yesterday, I feel so good this morning. Its like you’ve given me life rejuvination. I slept like a baby last night.

Thank you so much, I am so lucky to have such a wonderful Shiatsu Therapist. Its so great that you are out these teaching and telling people that it doesn’t have to be that way – that it is possible to live pain free – that is the value of a good teacher.

Phyllis Walker

I highly recommend Carlos Praniauskas both as a Shiatsu Therapist and BioMagnetic Pair Therapist. I have known Carlos for 6 years. When I first went to see him, on the recommendation of my physician, Carlos treated my back pain (caused by work related stress) using Shiatsu therapy. Within a few months the pain was gone, my energy levels increased dramatically and, for the first time in years, I slept soundly and deeply. My regular treatments with Carlos became an ongoing component of my personal health care.

Some time ago I developed Shingles, as many middle aged people who had Chicken Pox as children do. Its true what they all say about how incredibly painful having Shingles is. The pain was horrible and nothing, absolutely nothing that my family doctor did would help. The only way I could cope was by taking huge doses of pain killers – and that’s no way to live. Using BioMagnetic Pair Therapy Carlos has made my Shingles virtually vanish. The pain is gone!!! If I hadn’t experienced it for myself I would have had a hard time believing it.

I have nothing against modern medicine, but the fact is there are some conditions that it simply is not equipped to treat –unless you are willing to ingest copious amount of toxic drugs. Both Shiatsu and BioMagnetic Therapies have had a tremendous impact on my overall health and well being. You owe it to yourself to take advantage of the alternative therapies provided by Carlos Praniauskas. You will not regret it.

Ireyna Kimberley

Toronto, Ontario

I have suffered from migraines ever since I hit puberty. They were regular features of my life. I could feel when one was coming and I would dread the pain that lay before me for the next few hours or even days. The migraines themselves were excruciating and the aftereffects – physical exhaustion, irritability, nausea – would linger for days. My family doctor was unable to do much except to prescribe expensive medications that, although effective, I could rarely afford.

Not long ago, I called to cancel one of my regular Shiatsu massage appointments with Carlos because of a migraine. Sympathetically, Carlos suggested that I consider allowing him to give me a Biomagnetic Pair Therapy session, since the treatment had been effective in treating migraines. I have noticed a remarkable difference since Carlos started treating me with Biomagnetic Pair Therapy. There has been a definite decline in the frequency, duration and intensity of my headaches. In fact, my migraines have almost completely disappeared as a result of only a couple Biomagnetic Pair Therapy treatments.
Additionally, I have also noticed an improvement in my overall physical and emotional health. Weight loss has become easier, and I just feel better all around. Thanks so much Carlos!

Victoria Kushelnyk

Toronto, Ontario

Carlos is a very experienced and knowledgeable Qi Gong teacher. His hands are beautiful to watch and he seems very connected to the energy.
Medical Qigong Student

Shiatsu School of Canada, Toronto

I had known Carlos for several years before I went to see him on a professional basis. As a child, 9 to 10 years old, I had suffered from an infection first in one hip joint and then the other. I didn’t think much about it then but it meant that for several months I was virtually bedridden, using crutches when I did get up. For the last 20 years, I have been experiencing hip pain. Oddly, it was worse in the middle of the night, rendering sleep difficult, sometimes impossible. I ignored it as best I could at first. Self medication was followed by prescription pain killers. Eventually I was referred to a specialist, who said that the childhood infection accelerated degeneration of the cartilage in my hip. There was not much to be done, and his opinion was that, eventually, I would need my hips replaced.

Over the years the pain At first has been intermittent, lasting a week or two and then going away for months, even a year or so at a time. About a year ago, the pain came back and this time it didn’t go away. The pain kept me awake at night. I was flipping from side to side in a feeble attempt to alleviate the pain and disturbing my wife’s sleep as well. “I’m too young to get my hips replaced”, I complained to my wife. She reminded me about how effective Carlos’ Shiatsu amd ElectroMagnetic Pair treatments had been for her. For months she had been keeping me awake at night, writhing with the pain her shingles were giving her. As skeptical as I can be, there was no doubt in my mind that he had helped her. Soon after commencing my treatments, the pain went away.

I don’t know whether it was the Shiatsu massage, the BioMagnetic therapy or the crystal therapy wand that did the trick, but the pain went away pretty quickly and, months later, still stays away. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Carlos’ sensitive approach to holistic health care to anyone with health issues or those who want to preserve their good health.

Michael Kimberley

Toronto, Ontario

Your Qi Gong course changed my life! Thank you so much for teaching us this material. Thank you for helping me to understand the force (Qi Gong) more deeply. The information I have learned here has opened many doors of understanding for me regarding my martial arts training. Thank You.
Medical Qigong Student

Shiatsu School of Canada, Toronto

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