You Can Feel Better!

Learn Qigong to Reduce YourStress, Improve Your Health and Increase Your Vitality and Happiness

Imagine that you have everything you need to reduce your stress, sleep better, lose weight, extend your longevity, increase your energy and facilitate healing.
You can have it all when you use Qigong to enhance your health, healing and well being. Use Qigong regularly and you’ll:
  • Improve your overall health
  • Enhance your ability to relax
  • Increase your flexibility and improve your muscle tone
  • Lower your blood pressure and ease depression
  • Sleep better
  • Re-balance and improve your life force energy
This is a unique opportunity to learn Qigong and improve your life
DATES: March 25 & 26, and April 1,2 and 9
TIME: 9am -11 am
LOCATION: 88 Prince Arthur Ave. Toronto M5R 1B6
Fee: $190.00 (including tax)
Register before March 17 and receive your 10% Early Bird Discount
Space is limited to 20 participants Phone or email to reserve your space.
Phone 416-788-3187

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Here are the specifics of the Qigong Practice and Theory that you will learn:

Qigong Practice That You Can Do At Home:
  • Warm up exercises, correct posture, breathing, concentration.
  • Exercise to regulate the Triple Heater
  • Exercise to improve the function of the Liver and Lungs
  • Exercise to regulate the Stomach and Spleen
  • Exercise to get rid of Heart Fire
  • Exercise to strengthen the Kidneys and Waist
  • Exercise to improve and strengthen energy
  • Microcosmic Orbit Circulation
Qigong Theory
To ensure that you know what you are doing and why, when you practice Qigong, you will also learn:
  • The Benefits of Qigong
  • The Location of Taiji Pole and Lower Dantians
  • Postural Training, breathing training, and mental training
  • Points of attention for Qigong, Rules of Qigong, Best times to practice Qigong and the Proper Direction to face when Practicing
  • Common experiences for beginners


Carlos Praniauskas CST, MQP Certified Shiatsu Therapist
Medical Qigong Practitioner

About Carlos Praniauskas

Carlos Praniauskas Dip.S.T., Certified Shiatsu Therapist, Medical Qigong Practitioner and Certified Bio-Magnetic Therapist. He is also the former Director of the Shiatsu Diploma Program & Head Student Clinic Supervisor of the Shiatsu School of Canada. Carlos has devoted his life to the continuously expanding his knowledge within the field of alternative medical therapies.
Carlos has refined his Shiatsu technique by learning forms of Shiatsu Therapy from Master Aklinobu Kishi and Master Ryokyu Endo, Toru Namikoshi, and Kiiko Matsumoto. He has continued to work alongside leaders in the Shiatsu field such as Tetsuro Saito who introduced Shiatsu to Canada and Kaz Kamiya, founder of the Shiatsu School of Canada. Carlos’ strong skills and extensive knowledge of both Namikoshi and Masunaga techniques have contributed to his writing many articles for medical publications and major newspapers in Canada.
Carlos Praniauskas studied Qigong under Dr. Zaiwen Shen from 1987 to 1990, and later with Master Wu. He also studied Qigong at the Acupuncture and Integrated Medical College in Berkeley, California where he received his certification as a Medical Qigong Practitioner in 2006. This allowed him to incorporate Qigong as part of the Shiatsu Therapy curriculum at the SSC for students studying to become Shiatsu therapists. This form of moving mediation exercise has proven to help reduce therapist burn out and increases overall health, flexibility and well being.

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